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Harvey Miller, owner of the company, has had 32 facilities that he has owned and operated over the past 48 years and is presently developing and building two new car washes. Harvey has been a car wash consultant for 22 years, having more than 100 clients.

We have the experience, credentials, references, knowledge and reputation with proven results.

What We Offer

Analysis of sites for proposed Car Wash / Oil Lube / Car Care Facility

Analysis of Existing Car Wash

Analysis of Existing Facility that’s available for sale

Analysis of and Assistance at Existing Facility during purchase negotiations and after possession

How to Monitor & Control Labor Cost

How to Monitor & Sell Extra and Express Services
How to Buy a Car Wash Business
How to Sell Your Car Wash Business
How to Build a Car Wash or Car Care Center
How to Determine if the Car Wash should be Full Service, Exterior Only, Flex-Service or Self Service
How to Add an Oil Lube Center to an Existing Car Wash
How to Select a Site for a Car Wash or Car Care Center
How to Obtain Desirable Financing
Appraisals on Existing Car Washes
Assistance in Initial Site Plan Layout
Total or Partial Turn-Key Jobs from the Ground Up to Completion

Expert Witness Services on Car Wash Litigation and Arbitration

Proven Handbooks, Booklets, Bonus Plans, Marketing and Operational Materials
Business and Operational Plans
List of Professionals and Vendors experienced in Car Washing and Oil Lube Centers


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