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Many existing car washes are in trouble or having serious problems. Many have negative cash flows and cannot turn the operation around. Many have run out of cash and credit and have failed.

When we are retained by an owner or operator to analyze their existing car wash or car care center, we use the following criteria in analyzing the business and to provide our analysis, recommendations and opinions on how to correct the problems, reverse negative cash flows, increase income, volume and how to make the operation successful:

Analyze existing facility, review demographics

Observe and review entire operation and management in all departments

Hold discussions with the owner, manager and key personnel

Review Operational Income and Expense Statements for prior 2 years

Review labor cost and percentages to determine if labor cost is appropriate

Analyze marketing, advertising, bonus and commission schedules, menus, employee handbook, Business and Operational Plan and any other operational materials
Analyze extra services/sales in Car Wash, Detailing, Oil Lube and Customer Lounge
Determine if car wash is offering proper service, i.e. full service, exterior only or flex-service
Determine if new profit centers, additional services and sales may be added to property
Review cross-marketing of services to determine how improvements may be made
Review computer software and make recommendations to upgrade (if applicable)
Review existing competition within a 3 mile radius
Recommendations on how to: be more professional, market and operate more effectively, out perform the competition and encourage repeat and new business
We provide these and any additional services desired during and after the conclusion of the analysis on a daily or hourly rate.

Several of the car washes purchased by Harvey Miller were distressed and were turned around by Miller to become successful.

Miller’s Car Washes have been voted 8 DIFFERENT TIMES as the Number One Car Wash and Detailing Center by Consumer Newspaper and Magazine Surveys under Miller’s ownership and operation.


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