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Harvey Miller started in the car wash business in 1956 in Southern California. Between 1956 and 1969, he purchased or built several full-service car washes and detail shops in West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, Lakewood and mid Los Angeles areas. By 1970, these operations were sold and he relocated to Sacramento, in Northern California.

From 1970 to 1990, he built or purchased several more car washes and detail centers in the Sacramento area that have been sold. Included were three existing facilities that were distressed and run down where the previous owners failed. He remodeled these car washes, added new services, built them back up and operated them successfully for many years before selling them. In 1990, he designed, built and operated HARV’S CAR WASH & CAR CARE CENTER in Palm Desert, California. Included in this center is a Full Service Hand Car Wash, Detail Center, Oil/Lube, Smog Inspection and Car Care Center known as the “all-in-one” concept. This facility was sold in October of 1991. Developers and investors around the country have used HARV’S CENTER in Palm Desert as a prototype for their own properties. Miller also built and operated two self-serve and four exterior only car washes in Sacramento that have been sold.

HARV’S CAR WASHES AND CAR CARE CENTERS have been voted 8 times as the “Number One Car Wash and Detail Center” in Sacramento and Palm Desert, California by Consumer Newspaper and Magazine Surveys under Harvey Miller’s ownership and operation. The sixth time was after only four months of operating a facility that he repossessed. The seventh time was in late 1999 with the same facility. The eighth time was just prior to the business being re-sold in July 2000.

Miller was President of the Southern California, Northern California, California Car Wash Associations and also President of the International Car Wash Association.

He has been awarded the Hall of Fame Award from the Western Car Wash Association, the Man-of-the-Year Award from the California Car Wash Association and the President’s Award from the International Car Wash Association.

In 1982, he formed CAR WASH / OIL LUBE CONSULTANTS and is actively involved in providing Consulting Services nationwide.

In 1985 and 1986, Miller presented seminars in Sacramento, California, regarding car washes and detailing operations. In January 1998, Miller presented two-day educational seminars in three locations around California and Arizona. Owners, managers and investors came from all over the country to attend these seminars. In October 1999 Miller presented a 4-hour Educational Program for the Western Car Wash Association as a part of their yearly convention. There were over 150 in attendance. During 2002, Miller gave presentations for the Western Car Wash Association regarding “How to Convert to Flex-Service Car Washing”.

Miller has also been retained by attorneys to provide consultant services as an Expert Witness in car wash litigation and arbitration cases.

In 1993, Miller developed and built two deluxe, freestanding oil/lube facilities for himself in Sacramento, California, making for a grand total of 31 car washes, detailing and oil/lube locations that he has owned and operated. In December 1994, these two locations were sold to Jiffy Lube International.

In April 1997, Miller repossessed a totally distressed car wash business that he sold seven years ago in Sacramento, California. This facility was completely renovated, turned around, and Miller owned and operated it along with Management for over 3 years. This facility was sold in July 2000 with the business grossing over $1 million dollars annually.

Miller purchased and renovated a Full Service facility in Lake Forest, California, his 32nd location in early 2002. He converted the operation to Flex-Service washing. He has sold that business.

He has given presentations coast-to-coast, as well as for the International Car Wash and Western Car Wash Associations regarding car washing, detail centers, oil/lube, car care centers and how to diversify, market and promote these services. He is also a contributing editor to major Car Washing Magazines for which he has written cover and specialized stories pertaining to car washing, detailing, car care centers, how to choose site selections and how to convert from the traditional Full Service Washing to Flex-Service (Exterior Car Washing with Full Service as an option).

Miller resides in Southern California and is a Consultant to the Car Washing, Detailing and Oil-Lube Industries. He is also in the process of purchasing properties, developing and building car washes and oil-lube centers.


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