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In building a car wash, there are many variables, companies and individuals involved. If mistakes are made or long delays occur, it will cost the developer or principal extra thousands of dollars and in many cases the cost could increase from $50,000.00 to over $100,000.00.

When we are retained for Consulting Services in the building of a Car Wash or Car Care Center, we use the following criteria for services that would be performed:

Analyze proposed property, ingress and egress.

Analyze existing competition.

Observation of retail, commercial and residential areas for desirability.

Check with City or County to see if property is zoned correctly and if Conditional Use Permit is required. Inquire about building setbacks.

Testify at Conditional Use Permit Public Hearings, if applicable and requested.

Review demographics – 1-3-5 mile radius, including traffic count.
Make recommendation if the car wash should be Full Service, Exterior Only, Flex Service or Self Service.
Review a current Preliminary Title Report to determine all recorded easements and if property is usable.
Request C.C. & R’s (if applicable) if property is in a commercial/retail development or automotive center.
Verify all utility locations, including sewer.
Assure that property is toxic free and will pass environmental test.
Recommend experienced car wash architects or insure that an experienced architect will be retained.
Introduce acceptable equipment and computer companies. Review and negotiate proposals and pricing to insure required equipment at reasonable prices.
Review initial site plans to insure proper layout of buildings, signs, traffic flow and that entire property is being utilized. Work with architect as plans progress.
Review general contractor’s proposals.
Introduce lenders for desirable financing.

Introduce a graphic designer, if desired.

Review proposals and layouts from sign companies.
Introduce chemical suppliers and other vendors for the operation.
Prepare a Business and Operational Plan that will be required by the lender and for the operation of the business.
Recommend ideas that will create showmanship to the car wash tunnel for impressive customer viewing.
Prepare an Employee Handbook, Operational Booklets and Manuals.
Propose a Marketing and Advertising Program, which would include a grand opening.
Recommendations for additional profit centers, services and sales.
Provide telephone consultation with all parties involved in the project.
We provide these and any additional services desired on a daily or hourly rate. Total or partial turn-key jobs are also available at set fees.


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