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In selling your car wash, there are many things that must be accomplished to make your facility and business attractive to prospective buyers and to assure that you receive the highest possible purchase price with terms and conditions that will give you the protection necessary during the sale and after the buyer takes possession.

When we are retained by someone who desires to sell their car wash and/or car care center, we use the following criteria in analyzing the existing facility in order to provide effective recommendations and opinions to sell the business:

Analyze existing facility - the same way an interested buyer or his advisors would

Observe and review entire operation in all departments

Review management, equipment, improvements and property

Determine what additional services or profit centers could be added to increase income

Analyze competition within a 3 mile radius

Check with City Planning Department to determine if any new car washes are being planned or built
Review Lease Agreement and Sub-Leases (if applicable) to determine conditions of lease and if lease can be assignable
Determine if the property is free of toxic contamination, if an Environmental Phase One will be required
Recommend or we prepare a Professional Business Offering Booklet, including photographs
Review Operating Income and Expense Statements for the past 2 years
Prepare a valuation of the business to use in determining a purchase price
Appraisal of property (if included in sale) should be performed to determine value of land
Recommendation regarding what is required to get business, improvements and property in order and attractive to prospective purchasers
Determine the status of management team. Will existing management remain after sale?
Review offers, purchase agreements, assist with negotiations, interact with seller’s attorney and accountant to protect seller’s interest
We provide these and any additional services desired from the time the business is available for sale and until the purchase transaction is completed. All services are provided on a daily or hourly rate.


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